Behavior Management



We have a fun system of behavior management in Benderville.  Behavior management is essential to any learning environment.  If there is no behavior control, then there is no learning!  Students have to realize that their behavior can affect other students' achievement. 

Each student is assigned a job in the class.  Students get paid a dollar a day.  At the end of the month the students get PAID!  First they must pay RENT for the use of the desks.  Then they get to use their "money" to shop in the classroom store. (In case you are wondering - no actual "money" is involved.  It is recorded and kept by me on paper.)

Just like in a community, our classroom has rules, or "laws", to keep order in the class.  Whenever rules are broken, fees must be paid!  The first infraction is a WARNING.  The second is a loss of 1$.  Next is 2$, then 3$.  Recess time is also taken because it is a more immediate consequence.

In addition, we use *TICKETS* which are like bonuses.  Tickets are given for exhibiting excellent behavior, completing tasks in a timely fashion, etc.  Tickets can be exchanged at the end of the month for "money" to shop.  Tickets can also be confiscated!

I have been using this method for quite a few years now and students and parents love it.  It is a way to show kids that their actions have consequences - some positive and some not!


Here are Benderville Laws:

1.  Listen to others.

2.  Follow directions the first time!

3.  Come to class PREPARED.

4.  Use appropriate language and manners.

5. Respect others.

6.  Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

7.  Participate and DO YOUR BEST WORK!

The classroom rules are the same for EVERY third grade classroom.